Design programs at Ideation

Portfolio Resources — Website providing basic information for creating design portfolios. See Getting Started->Layout for ideas on portfolio styles.

DPD: Discover Product Design — Freshman Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP) open to entering freshman. Photo slideshow 2013, courtesy Emma Feshbach, DPD photography work on Kirsten Lim's MIT admissions blog.

2.S97 Designing for People (formerly Design-A-Palooza) — IAP course focuses on addressing problems and issues found in everyday life and your surroundings through hands-on design projects. Open to all majors and years, no experience necessary. Catch a video of our very first egg drop from the Green Building (277 feet).

Design courses and programs at MIT

Research Conferences in Design

Design Journals


Other Design Related References and Resources

  • Stanford's Ambidextrous magazine — no longer published
  • Core77 — industrial design magazine and resource
  • Coroflot — design jobs and portfolios